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At Wrapit Solutions, our objective is to give our customers the power to configure and design their own solution without getting embroiled in the detail of writing lengthy code. We have abstracted away the gory details, leaving you to focus on implementing your concept.

Our product set comprises:
•    The Wrappa: a compact hardware unit with six digital screw type terminals, analog in and out, WiFi and all on a credit card footprint
•    The Secure Hub,: a high performing processor offering numerous bundled services on secure private Cloud
•   A graphical development environment where you can implement your IoT ideas by simply dragging, dropping, and connecting functional nodes.

Our Technology: Our Technology


  • Dimensions 85 x 55 x 22 mm (L W H)   Credit Card footprint

  • ESP8266 Micropcontroller

  • 802.11 b/g/n  WiFi

  • Watchdog timer

  • Screw terminal connection to all Input/Output

  • Six (6) Digital I/O and One Analogue Input

  • Five digital I/O can be configured as Analogue output

  • One I/O terminal has built in analog PWM output filter

  • All digital outputs have built in LEDs

  • One double pole relay output rated at 240V

  • Can be powered via 5V micro-USB port or via screw terminals

  • Powered by Wrappit OS, supporting: MQTT, Wrappit Nodes, auto-IP discovery and diagnostics

  • Initial Wrappa configuration is via smartphone web browser

  • No specific App is required

  • Comes with external 5V mains power pack

Our Technology: Our Technology


The Secure-Hub is based on the Raspberry Pi Zero-2W and communicates with the Wrappas via MQTT protocol over WiFi.
Be confident in knowing that all your data is kept in-house, on your own private cloud, free from security threats, market exploitation and regular monthly fees.

Our Technology: Our Technology


  • Dimensions 65 x 30 x 10 mm (L W H)

  • Raspberry Pi Zero-2W with 4GB of memory

  • WiFi 802.11 /ac

  • Plug & Play - Fully configured with all necessary utilities and software

  • Supporting NodeRed,  Mosquito MQTT, ZeroTier

  • One secure Hub supports up to 50 Wrappa nodes

  • Comes with external mains power pack

  • All configuration and setup is via standard web Browser

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Our Technology: Our Technology
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